Are you a none???

All my childhood I have been a good guy, my life was a dream according to how it really is, thing all around me were traveling, I was just looking around.. I a was there like any one of you, I did not care because… I couldn’t dare, I couldn’t step over it, I waited for some one to be what I couldn’t be and where I couldn’t reach…. I am satisfied from what I am because "I am" and I’m not a none like many of you out there…. maybe I don’t have much or any achievement till now, but future is not so far to reach.

One response to “Are you a none???

  1. hey   if we are non and u r some 1 then u r wrong not just wrong  ……………….etc    so better not to b selfish and not to b proud of urself wn u r no one dnt mean no 1 ,,but mean no 1 important   byyyyyyyyyy

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