It is the time to tell the WORLD.. I Love Her

       I Love You, yes I need the whole world to know that, but for some reasons we can’t. we are together, not close enough , but yet we can be closer and closer by time. I Love You, I wanna tell the world.. All people, all humans, the one I Love is “You”, and no one will ever change this or any of it. Many are the reasons that made me love you, many are the facts that lead me to you. baddi yeki kil shi be 7ayeti, baddi tkuni l3omor that i’m livin, baddi tkuni albi that is beatin your love, kuni amari.. when you’re near and they’re so far, when everything disappears, all I need is you. I wanna live for you and only you.. b7ebbik b7ebbik b7ebbik.


                                                                                                      to: My “Princess”


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